Top 10 Popular Social Media Sites for Marketers

Social media sites are now popular ways to do marketing. There are billion people in these social sites. Social media sites are now not only communicate with people but also the biggest source of buyers. You can target and make huge customers from this billion people. But you do not need as much as a cost for this marketing. That is why all big companies are using social media to promote their products. Before you start social media marketing first you have to know the most popular social sites. In this article, you will know the top social media sites those can be used for marketing.

Top 10 Popular Social Media sites for Marketers to promote a business.


Facebook is the biggest social media in the world.It is also most popular social media site for marketers. It has around 2 billion users in the world. Alexa Rank of Facebook is 3.  It is now a big sector for business also. Facebook is most profitable social media for a businessman because it is possible to do business around the world by Facebook. Anyone can promote his or her business by Facebook ad easily. It is also user-friendly social site. By Facebook page, groups, events, chats users can communicate easily with all others.


Twitter is another most important and biggest social media. You can say it micro blog site because it gives you chance to write only 140 characters. It is most popular among celebrities. Twitter does not have any option to make a friend but it has follow/unfollow option. You can follow anyone and get all information what he or she shares. Though it has also privacy option. If anyone wants he/she can secure following option and controlled followers.


YouTube is called 2nd largest search engine because at present people like to find anything on YouTube.The reason of it we like to know and learn visually.The  Video is one of the best visual content. You can get almost all type of videos on YouTube like educative, entertaining, children videos, review video, trailer video etc. YouTube is not an only entertaining website it is one of the big sources of online earning. A lot of people are using YouTube as a career. Besides, it is also a best social media for product launch and promotion.


If you want to get professional people in one social site then use LinkedIn. It is the most popular professional social media site.  All over the world, professional people use it to find business related or profession related people. It is called a large networking site for business and job.


The image is one of the most important contents for digital marketing. But if you want to get visitors by sharing your images then use most popular image sharing site Pinterest. You can get USA and European visitors by this site. In this social site, the majority users are women. So for woman’s product, it is one of the best social sites to promote.


Google+ is a service of Google. You can communicate with huge people by Google+. It does not need to sign up. If you have a Gmail then you have Google+ account.  Just you need to set up the Google+ profile. You can promote your product by joining niche related community.


Instagram is another image sharing social media site. But you need an android or apple mobile to share images on Instagram. Instagram is one of the quickest popular social media. A lot of people every day are sharing their moments on Instagram. That is why it has become an another biggest place to promote a business.


Reddit is a social sharing site. Users use it by sharing direct link or text. In this social media site, user can express like and dislike by giving upvote and downvote. According to upvote and downvote, a post becomes hot post, rising post, new post etc. If you want to target USA people, UK people then use this social sharing website. It will increase your sales quickly.


Flicker is a common name who like to share images and videos. It is a service of Yahoo. From 2005 Yahoo is giving an opportunity to people to share their images and pictures. Flicker is a Yahoo product. You can easily share photo and video by this site.


It is renowned question and answer website. You can ask about your problems, queries and other in this website. You will get an answer.   It is a most popular question and answers website in the USA. It is said that the 50{2cbaee09129667df926f23fe00babb20c3cd821553b91e9b48f00ad9bd4bf1a6} of users of Quora are from the USA. Besides, in this website much high profile, people ask and answer. It is very helpful for branding. So, You can do marketing by this website.

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