How to Make Creative YouTube Thumbnail?

The success of video marketing is now not only depends on content but also in different factors like title, thumbnail, optimization etc. Among them video thumbnail is very important.

A video thumbnail is the first impression of a your video. If visitor will not get a proper idea from your video by your thumbnail, they do not think it informative and will not click on the video. It helps visitor to take decision to watch the video. To improve the branding of a YouTube channel Video thumbnail should be more clear with targeted message.

In this article you will get 4 great tips to make a professional YouTube thumbnail.

1.Use proper dimension:

To make a professional YouTube thumbnail you have to make it with the proper dimensions. Without proper dimensions it will not look professional. Your thumbnail should be according to YouTube guidelines.According to YouTube  thumbnail image size is 1280×720 pixels with a minimum width of 640 pixels.

2. Add a title on YouTube thumbnail:

Everybody see a thumbnail first before watching a video. Visitor try to understand the topic of the video by the thumbnail. If you use your video title on your thumbnail, it will help to attract visitors because usually title has an unique keyword and eye catching words which shows the topic of video.

That is why almost every professional YouTube marketer or channel owner use title on their video thumbnail. 

YouTube thumbnail

You can see some professional thumbnail created with video title. They has good views because thumbnail are attention garbing. 

3. Use a picture on thumbnail which grab attention:

Pictures helps to increase views rapidly. An attention garbing picture can do it. Use high quality image as your thumbnail. There are a lot of free image source where you will get high quality image like Pixabay, Pexels. You can design image from freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork in low price. 

YouTube Thumbnail
Creative Thumbnail

You can see above thumbnail. They are designed with attention garbing thumbnail.   

4. Don’t spam on Thumbnail:

When you design YouTube thumbnail do not try to do anything that is spamming. Many spammer make attractive video thumbnail with wrong title and picture but when visitor watch the video they do not get any similarity between video and the thumbnail. It spoils branding of a channel. Visitors do not like to come again in this type of channel.

So do not try to do this type of spnamming. It will hemper your channel.

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