How to Create a New Post in WordPress?

Are you new on WordPress? Don’t you have any idea how to make a post on WordPress? Do not worry. We will give you the proper knowledge to make a post on WordPress.

This will be with  images so you will learn easily step by step.

Step: 1 : log in Your website:

Go to your website and log in WordPress. If you do not know how to log in on WordPress add “/wp-admin” after your domain. For example: Visit this link you will get the log in option.

Wordpress admin penel

Step2: After log in your website you get the dashboard. On the left corner, there is a menu. You will see “all post” on their. Click on the all post. Then click new post. A new page will be opened

Wordpress deshboard


The new page is the posting page. Here you have chance to organize your article or content accurately.  First of all you will get Title section. On that section write your content title. Then you will get content section.

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