How to Add a Picture as a Slide Background in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a very effective software for us. We need it to make a presentation for education and business. If you are not skilled in PowerPoint, you will face many problems in your professional life.

There are many features you have to learn to create a professional presentation.

If you are new in PowerPoint, you need to learn one most important trick of PowerPoint. That is adding a picture as a slide background.

To make a professional PowerPoint presentation we need to add graphics or presentation related images as a slide background. It helps to make the presentation more realistic and attractive to look. I use high-quality image as the background of slide. If you want high-quality images for free you go royalty free image website. There are a lot of professional images to use for free.

OK Let see how to add an image as background of a PowerPoint slide.

You can add an image as a background by very easy way.

Open your PowerPoint presentation. Go to that slide where you want to add a picture.

Click on the Design tab. You will see a Format Background button on the right side.

Now click the button. A pane will open on the right side.

Select the Picture or Texture fill. Then select File to upload a picture from your computer. You can add a picture from online also. Then click online.

If you select file button, you will see a new window to get a picture from your computer.

Select the image you want to add and click on Insert.

If you want to add an image on all slide just add apply to all.

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