Connect your PC to your Android phone-“Your Phone” launched by Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation has launched an Application named “Your Phone” for Windows 10 Operating System. It will be automatically installed while updating the OS. This app will allow users to have access their photos & files on their android phones along with all messages.

to be properly functioning it needs to be installed both on PC and on Mobile devices running on Android. “Your Phone” app is the highest trending application this month on Google Play Store, reported by Vishnu Nath, Head of Program Management, Microsoft Mobility.

The #YourPhone companion app is now the #1 trending app in the Google Play app store! So exciting to see the enthusiasm for cross-device experiences. Thank you to our fans!

Vishnu Nath

The count of download exceeds 5 million on Play Store.It can be installed using APK file.

Microsoft wants to provide more features on “Your Phone” so that it can support other Android applications.They are developing a feature called “App Mirroring” which allow Windows users run any android applications on their PCs.This is not yet provided as this feature is under testing mode.

Didnt you try yet “Your Phone” app on windows 10? then you need to sign in Microsoft Store to instlled this app using your Microsoft Account and you should be logged in to PC using the same account.

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