20 Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Get Visitors Easily

Blogging is, at present one of the most popular online career. It can be a multi-source of income. If you want to promote your business create a blog on your website or create a blog site on your niche.

Suppose you have a business of IT Training. Now you need to promote to get students. Create a blog site that with the different tutorial, tips and tricks, new strategies. Write an article of solution and suggestions. Then optimize for Google. When people will search on Google and you will be the on the first page they will go to your website. After reading your article they will learn many things trust you gradually. It will help you to increase visitors. This method
For beginners, it is difficult to gain success in blogging. If they use some tips and tricks they will get success quickly. By this article, you will know about 20 blogging tips and tricks for beginners.

Before blogging understand your audience:

It is your first duty to understand your audience what type of information they want. A well responsive and demanding blog is more important than 10 blogs. You can use twitter or Facebook by asking their requirements.

1. Domain Name
Select a name which is easy to remember. A good Domain name means you are going to make your business more professional look. It is also works as a trade mark and brand awareness of your business.  Domain name should be niche related that people can understand easily about your objective.

It is very helpful to increase returning visitors.It is a simple but effective trick for beginners. Such as if you select a domain name like makemoney.com is better than make moneytips&tricks.com

2. Hosting Service
Hosting is an important part of blogging. If you cannot select a good hosting service provider then your blog may disappear sometimes. Besides, loading speed of a website has a huge impact on visitors. If you choose a good hosting service provider your website may load quickly. There a many good hosting service provider like Namcheap, Siteground, Bluehost etc. They provide quality service in a reasonable price. Hosting must be downtime free.

To get success in blogging it needs a long time because you have to write regularly. That is why select a topic what you like. Otherwise, you may be disappointed. You should start blogging about what you know.

3. Response Quickly
Response to your visitor’s comment quickly.Visitors comment for several reasons. Sometimes they have queries, sometimes they have other experience, sometimes they want to share something. For these reasons, they comment. You should response their comment quickly. Comments are very important to make a good relationship with visitors. An standard response time should be with in 15 minutes to 1 hour.

4. Make a relationship and Love your existing readers
You need to love the readers you already have. A good relationship with other bloggers help you in different ways. Make a relationship with other bloggers. It will help you to learn a lot. New idea, new Marketing strategy etc will be developed by sharing and discussing with other bloggers. That is why try to make a good relationship with other bloggers.

5. Comment on other blog posts
Comment on others blog post. It is an effective way to do branding. Your comment must be informative. When you comment, you should add some new things. You can add some strategy or studies. It will increase your branding.

6. Create Unique Content

No doubt, unique and relevant content is the most important factors for blogging. It is very important because of SEO factors or your site will get penalty.

Remember the great quotation by Bill Gates “Content is king” 

Copy content is a threat to a website. Do not try to create copy content.Try to do something unique always. Do not follow others every time. Take an idea from others but do something unique.

7. Creating engaging content
There is no alternative to engaging content. Keep some engaging things in your article. Like you can create a video and keep it in your article. Again you can create an info-graphic to post on your blog.

Use a relevant image in your article. Images are the important elements of an article. You should use at least one image in one article. Images must be relevant and quality images

Share blog content on social media. Social media are the great source of visitors and they also help to rank in Google. That is why, share your best blog posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest.

8. Select a demandable topic
A right topic can bring visitors from all sources. That is why write an article on a demandable topic. To find demandable topic research which topics are demandable. You can use one of the most popular tools google trend. It will help you to select a topic by time, area and device. Then write an article on that topic.

9. Blog Design
Blog design has a great impact on branding. A good design help visitors to use the website easily and remember the blog. That is why when you choose a theme for your website to use the best design.

10. Guest blogging
Start guest blogging in your niche related blogs. Guest blogging is an important way to get a quality backlink and to increase visitors. It is also very much helpful to do branding. For example’ world famous people post guest blogging in Forbes to do branding. It is also the biggest source to get quality backlink.

11. Posting consistency
Regular posting is one of the major conditions to get success in blogging. If you do not post regular, your visitors will not get new things. It especially effects on returning visitors. As they do not get any new topic. They do not love to visit. Besides, If you post article regularly there will be huge content on your blog.

12. Create Evergreen Content
Every blog should have some evergreen content that can be used all time. In every niche, there are a lot of topics that are evergreen or can be used for a long time. That is why write some evergreen content.
This is the most important tips for blogging. Create evergreen content for your blog like if your blog is about SEO then write content about what is SEO, website structure for SEO, Google Updates(Panda, Penguin etc) etc. These types of articles are evergreen articles. If you think about technology then write content about windows common features, troubleshooting etc. If you have a health-related blog’ write content for child care, pregnant women problems etc. These topics will be always searchable by visitors.

13. Use reference
When you add a reference in your article It increases the extra value of your article. Suppose you are writing health-related content. You should add a statement of renown doctor’s reference in your article it will increase your article value. Your article will be more trustable to search engine and visitors.

14. Answer visitors questions
Every blogger gets a lot of questions. Your visitors will ask by commenting and contacting with you. If they will not get the answers, they will be disappointed and get a bad impression. So answer their questions regularly.

15. Share experience:
Visitors always like to know the experience. How a strategy works, What is the problem in a strategy? How a specific problem solved? Etc. If you apply any new strategy or method tell them the process and the result. They will like and share it.

16. Give Importance in headline or Title
Give more importance in headline or title. We all know the importance of headline or title. The headline is the prime element to attract visitors. So your headline should be attractive and informative. Especially when you share your article in the social media, headline plays a big role in attracting visitors. This is an important trick. All bloggers and online marketers give importance in this trick. Moreover, Title plays a vital role in ranking.

17. Use Call to Action
Use call to action in your article, Image, and Video. Call to action increases the possibility of clicks. It helps visitors to take the next step. It also helps to increase sale or to go other pages. Try to create high quality and shareable content. This type of content helps to create backlink naturally.
The last and most important tip for blogging is keeping patience. Without patience, you can not get success. Start writing and keep writing.

18. Give True Information

Do not share a wrong information. You all information must be true. Otherwise, people will not return to your website. It will lose  your visitors

19. Do not give up

Yes, do not give up. Many bloggers start blogging. But after a certain time, the cannot continue. They lose their patience. If you cannot continue your works you be a failure. You have to write, optimize and share on social media regularly.

20. Follow experts

You have to follow experts. What they share, what they do, What is their new strategy etc. It will help you to improve your skill. There ae lot of experts on blogging sectors. If you write about internet marketing you shoud follow quickspout.com hubspot.com, moz.com or if you do blogging on technology you should follow fossbyte.com etc. They share rich content on their niche. Follow their content, presentation, marketing strategy etc. It will help you to become successful blogger.

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