Best 5 Free Websites Builder for Small Business Easily

Website is very important element for a business. Day by day, it is increasing because of rising Internet users. A website is an online business center. It is very easy to show products or service to your customers by a website.

Sometimes we need to create website free for several reasons like to gather experience, lack of money, lack of technical knowledge etc.

There are a lot of free Website Builders for Small Business to create website free. There will be no domain and hosting costs and it is easy to set up. For this reason some people like to create a free website.

Best 5 Free Websites Builder for Small Business Easily

World’s no 1 CMS is WordPress. It is also one of the most popular websites for creating a website site free. It provides domain and hosting without any cost. Domain will be Subdomain under

It is most easiest CMS  to create a website. You have chance to use beautiful and professional theme as your choice to present your products, article, services on the website. As it is  easiest content management system, that is why many online user especially blogger like WordPress to create website free.



Google is a tech giant. It provides  a lot of different services to us to make easy to use technology. Among them Blogger is one of the most significant one. It is a free website creation platform where you can build a nice website. Many blogger who likes to write online use it to express their feelings, thoughts, knowledge and experiences. If you want to create a website on blogger, you can use a domain or you have chance to take a subdomain under To make website on blogspot you need a gmail.



Weebly is a familiar name in free website creating sector. They have different paid services but you can make your website free also. They give 500 mb storage to host a website. So you can make a website easily by this storage. You will get SSL security of your website. Weebly is SEO friendly. Besides, if you face any problems you can get their email support. Weebly is widely used to make web 2 website for  backlinks. SEO experts use it. So to provide SEO service you can use this website. But if you want to write online your knowledge and experience you can use it. It will cost not so much.



You may be heard or seen on Internet. If you did not seen I want say happily that you use it to create your website free. It has completely free hosting service. You can use subdomain under 000webhost or if you want to use professional domain, you can.  They provides huge services free like free domain, FTP, File manager, SSL Security, database etc. You will get 10GB bandwith, 1000 MB disk space. If you want to use CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc you can use. If you have technical knowledge about domain and hosting, it will be your best option to create website free. New web designer and developer use 000webhost to practice and make a website free.



Do you want to create a website  in three simple steps. You should visit It is very easy to use. You can build personal blog or Business website by Simplesite. It is mobile friendly and give you theme to make your website.

So, to present your business or your article you do not need huge money and knowledge. Just go to these website, select one and create a website.


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