10 Top WordPress Plugins You Should Use in Your Website



WordPress is one of the most popular CMS.It is easy to run and user-friendly. That is why it is used widely.  It is user-friendly because of themes and plugins.  You can make a website as your wish by the plugin.

There are a lot of plugins like Yoast for SEO, contact form 7, broken link checker etc. They are easy to install also. Now I will tell you about some plugins those are very important and easy to use in website.

10 Top WordPress Plugins  You Should Use in Your Website to make your website professional.

1. Yoast:

It may be a most popular plugin for WordPress. It makes SEO easy. Basically, it is used to do on page optimization.  By this plugins, you can write and optimize effectively Title and meta description. Besides, you can add social share attractive image to attract visitors.

2.SEO friendly Images:

We all know images are very important content for a website. To make a website professional and to present services nicely Image plays very important roles. But It needs a huge time to give alt tags and title attribute. Especially E-commerce websites have a lot of product images. But if you use “SEO friendly images” plugin, you can optimize images automatically.

3.Disable Comment:

Blog commenting is an important way to increase branding and create backlinks. For this reasons, bloggers comment on other blogs. But there are a lot of spammers who do spam by blog commenting. They just need a backlink. To stop spamming sometimes we want to disable comment. Use “Disable comment” plugin to disable your comment.

4.Really Simple CAPTCHA:

It is a very important plugin to stop comment spam at present. Some people use robot or bot to create backlinks by commenting. If you use this plugin on your blog you will be safe from this problem.

5. Contact Form 7:

“Contact Form 7” is one of the most popular WordPress plugin. There are a lot of reasons to contact you. Your reader and followers try to contact with you to know information, strategies etc. This plugin will make it easy.  Install this Plugin and create a contact page very easily. It works professionally.

6. Broken link checker:

If you are running a blog or you will run a blog, you will face a problem that is Broken link. It makes visitors and Google unhappy. For example in an article, if visitors see a link and click there, But they do not get any information on the new page, that is a bad experience for visitors. That is why Google does not like this. To find broken links easily in a site “broken link checker” is very helpful.So Use this Plugin to find out broken links on your website.

7. Social Media widget:

Social media are the most powerful source of visitors. You can create a lot of visitors from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Pinterest. Google also like social media activity. Especially if visitors share your content on Social media, it helps in google ranking. To get more and more social share use Social Media widget. It helps visitors to share a content easily.

8. W3 Total Cache:

Loading time of a website is an important factor for search ranking.If a website does not load quickly, It loses huge visitors. Google always give priority to the user experience. That is why Google does not like slow loading website.” W3 Total cache” can increase your website loading speed. Use it on your website.

9.  Testimonials Widget

If you are selling service, you know the importance of a review. Many buyers like to buy a product after reading a review. It helps to make your product trustable. If you have reviews of your past clients it increases trust among new visitors. It can increase the possibility of sales. Testimonials Widget is a plug in for review. If you install this on your website, your customers will be able to give a review.

10. Defender

Hackers are the big problem for WordPress website. As it is most popular CMS now. That is why Hackers study regularly about WordPress and know about WordPress well. For this reason, WordPress website can be hacked easily more than other secured cms. But if you use Defender plug in your website, it will protect your website from many hacking problems. It is a paid Plugin but you can use 14 days trial version to know how effective it is.So use this plugin and save your website.

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