10 tool that will make your Internet marketing easier.

Digital marketing is not a small process. To sell a product every company need to take a big process for

1 WordPress:

For marketing, WordPress is a common name. To you, it may seem is WordPress a marketing tool? It is a website making tool. Yes, you are right it is used to make a website. Website is the most important element to do marketing. Many people do blogging for marketing. They do affiliate marketing. By wordpress, we can make a website easily. It is also easy to do SEO by WordPress.


It is one of the finest tools. For marketing, we have to write a lot of article comment and post. If you are not good in English then it will difficult for you. But Grammarly will make it easy. If you installed Grammarly in your browser it will show the grammar and spelling mistakes of your every line. It not only shows give you the correct answers. So use it to make your writing correct.

3.Google Trend:

We all know about Google Trend. It is great because it has a great source of information. You can get all the trends from this tool. You can get a lot of idea about the product, business from this tool. It will show you what is doing well at present etc.


To do marketing we need to short URL often. You can shorten your URL easily by this tool. It is the most popular URL shortener tool


Clicky is an analytic tool to get information about a website. It is like Google analytic. You can get a lot of information about your website like how much visitors you get every day? How much real time visitors are there etc. It is a user-friendly tool. Many marketers use this instead of google analytics.


Images is one of the most important content for marketing. But if you take images from Google it can be fall in copyright problem. But if you get images from any free images sources then there will be no problem. Pixabay is one of the most important sources to collect free images.  There are high-quality images also. So use this website to collect your necessary images.

7. All top:

For blogging and digital marketing, we need a lot of research.  To do research blogs are the most common and popular source. If you want to find top blog posts of your niche use this tool. Always websites are updating. You can get all the blog posts according to your category.


If you are doing SEO then this tool is the most important tool for you. It widely used the tool. It is used to diagnosis a website and makes an audit report. You can analysis your competitor’s website by using Woorank. It shows H1 tags, keywords, broken links, alt text.

9.Hoot Suite:

For digital marketing social media is the most important visitor’s source. Especially leading social media are very important, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Visitors from social media play important role in Google ranking. But there are many social media. It needs a huge time to maintain all social media. But a tool can help you to maintain all social media easily. Use Hootsuite to maintain social media easily. It will save your time. You can post at a time in all social media. Besides, you can schedule also.


Email marketing is the most important marketing in digital marketing. But without real email, you can not do it well. Sometimes your subscribers give you fake email. Before email marketing, you have to find out the real email. To find a real email you can use Rapportive. It is an extension. Install Rapportive in your browser. Then copy your email and open your mail’s compose. Then paste on to section. Rapportive will show you which emails are real.

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