10 tips for Newbie Blogger- You Should know and start blogging right way

If you plan to start blogging online you must consider following things even if you’re an expert. For beginner it should be a very good start point. Let us discuss the point which should you focus on while start blogging beforehand-

1.Select topics that your audience wants to know:

It is important to know even before launching your blogs selecting the topics before you start blogging. It is not difficult to find the topics that your audience wants to know.

How to get into the topics? Ask You-YES, it is you as blogger you select your niche that you’re passionate about and have an expertise, so you know better than other what are the problems around your audience as once you have faced that and now you become an expert.

2. List your categories: Prepare the list of the categories you’re goanna deliver to your audience first. It will help you keep the consistency and write valuable content. Let say, You goanna write something on Gardening, list the categories as General Gardening, Seasonal Gardening, Tropical Gardening, Fruit Gardening, Flower Gardening, Commercial Gardening and so on.

3.Write Content from Reader’s Angle: Writing content from reader’s angel will give value to your audience what actually influence them to share your content with others. It surely bring new audience and keep your old audience stick to your site.

4.Do NOT confuse: Do not confuse your audience, write on pin point. Be specific to the problem and give them a perfect solution.

5.Use “Easy to Understand” language: Always use easy WORDs so that visitors can understand what you want them to understand. Your effort should build a proper perception to your audience. It should be like an echo in their mind.

6.Listen to them: listen to your audience deeply so that you can understand what they want to know, how they overcome the situation, they are facing. On the contrary, it will influence writing perfect content for them which attract them to your blog and also stand you out from other blogger those who are writing for the same audience.

7.Build a Solid Plan: Build your working plan so that you can accomplish your task in a timely fashion. Set your daily goal. Meet your daily goal is your performance KPI which makes you professional in your industry. Let say, if you want to pan write an article daily write it daily, if it is weekly do that weekly but stick to that pan you built.

8.Improve audience’s lifestyle: While you are writing, think that you are writing to improve your audience’s lifestyle by solving their problems. Forget all the commercial intents in your mind just write spontaneously. Then you will be authorized in your industry, visitors start believing you.

9.Write from your personal experience: There is nothing real, writing something from your own experience. Always be truthful and share your experience with your audience.

10.Engage them in your content: Allow visitors to write their consent after reading your content at comment area. This will engage them and of course, you may get something new topics from there to write further along.

Finally, I would like to say, be thoughtful in whatever you are doing. Happy blogging.




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